Hi Beautiful! Please take a minute to read all my info on Microblading first!!

Since Microblading is so new to the industry I have made sure to answer all of your questions right here!  It is extremely important to me that you are informed prior to your session. Please read them all in advance then go to my booking link on the home page & get in my schedule. If you still have further questions or are having trouble finding a time slot please feel free to text or call me at 630-344-3399

Thank you so much, and I look forward to meeting you all! – Lauren Barbick (If looks could kill)


Price is based on 1 year experience $350, 4-6 week touch up is NOT included. I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.

Touch up- $150 4-6 weeks

Consultation– $50 (the $50 will go towards the grand total. However it is nonrefundable if you decide not to come in for the treatment.)

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi- permanent tattoo that is applied with a hand held disposable sterile blade. Using the blade and pigment I put the finest hairs back into the eyebrows leaving a new definition and symmetry of the brows. This amazing, and life changing brow service is ideal for people who have the wrong brow shape, over plucked, loss of hair, have patchy areas that won’t grow back or thinning brows from age. 

How long will these fabulous brows last?

Your new and amazing brows will last 6-18 months. But why that long? Because I am depositing pigment into the epidermis, microblading is NOT penetrated as deep as a tattoo. It is also very important to know that everyones skin is different, you nor I can predict how well your skin will retain the pigment. However, there are after care steps that you can follow to assist in longevity. 1) Use sunscreen to protect the eyebrows from fading. The sun is our biggest enemy! It will fade the pigment faster. 2) Oily skin, Over time the pigment may look solid and not like hair strokes.  And the pigment may not last as long. 3) Facial treatments such as chemical peels, IPLs, microdermabrasion, any thing that will exfoliate the skin needs to be avoided on the eyebrows. 

Pre- treatment care

Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen or excessive alcohol 24 hours prior and after the treatment. 

Discontinue Retin A skin care products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior and after the procedure.

Discontinue use of AHA skin care products such as anti aging or glycolic acid one week prior. 

NO waxing, laser or electrolysis one week prior to the procedure. And NO BOTOX or FILLERS in the eyebrow area two prior. 

Does it hurt?

I am sure you have heard horror stories of how much it hurts. Fortunately, I provide an awesome lidocaine! 

Everyone does have a different level of pain tolerance. To help subside any pain I do recommend NOT having caffeine before your appointment, NOT to book  during your menstrual cycle (prone to sensitivity), and to relax! 

How long does the procedure take?

Because I am perfectionist you can expect the treatment to take 2.5 hours. If you came in for a consultation you would have already filled out the paper work. After paper work is filled out, we will consult, take photos, apply the lidocaine, draw your perfect shape and then begin the procedure.  

How do you choose a color?

I have a variety of pigments that we will choose from while you are numbing. The pigment is determined by your eyebrow hair and skin tone. 

The healing process and what to expect (read this thoroughly).

The day of you can expect the area around the brows to be slightly red, this will subside by the following day. Secondly, the color intensity will be darker immediately after the procedure, while some women are okay with this some women have a very hard time. Sometimes it is hard to process how bold the brows look. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of the skin, and has not yet settled. But do not worry the darkness WILL subside and become softer as the skin heals. 

As the skin heals in 2-3 days a possible scab may form. A scab is formed to protect the underlying skin. DO NOT pick or peal off the scab fore it can cause the pigment to lift or scar. After the scab has shed you will notice that the brows are much lighter than before and may seem as if they dissaperaed. This is because a new layer of skin has grown over the strokes, but the strokes reappear when that skin sheds. 

It is important to know that 15-20% percent of the strokes will NOT reappear and the brows will be 30-40% lighter in color, this is why a 4-6 week touch up is necessary. 

Will I need to pluck or wax my eyebrows?

Yes. While I cannot control your hair growth coming back, I have just given you a new template to make your daily routine much easier!! 

Who is NOT ideal for Microblading?

Someone with large pores on their forehead; very oily skin. Over time oily skin can cause the strokes to look more like a solid line.

Someone who takes Topomax (migraine medication), it causes the skin to bleed a lot.

Someone with existing permanent makeup.

Someone who sweats a lot when they work out.

Diabetes type 1 & 2. Prone to slow healing and infections, color may or may not retain well.

Have thyroid disease. Medication may cause pigment to not retain properly. 

If you are pregnant. 

** Sometimes retention with the above contraindications is still possible. Everyone’s skin is different and retains differently. This is an art not a science, so please be patient with the process. I can give you amazing new brows but it is up to your skin on how well it retains my service. Generally results are amazing however they do differ due to skin type, healing or bleeding during procedure. 

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